Keep Your Thongs Looking As Good As You Do!

Keep Your Thongs Looking As Good As You Do!

by: Bas de Baar

You probably paid a lot of money for that little triangle of fabric with the almost-not-there waistband; but even if you buy your thongs by the dozen at Walmart(r) you might as well keep them looking better for longer. After all, thongs aren’t just underwear, they’re a statement!
Thongs are a bit more delicate than the cotton “granny panties” that you keep around for, um, periodic purposes, so it’s important to treat them with the care that they deserve. You don’t really have to be concerned about the fabric content, or even read the care and handling tag, because no company that I have ever heard of has ever made a pair of “Dry Clean Only” underwear. You can bet that your thongs are washable.
We all know that the term “washable” has different meanings to different people. To guys in general, and most college students regardless of gender, washable means to stuff as many garments as possible into the washing machine without regard to water temperature, color or fabric. Well, when it comes to thongs, washable means “hand wash only” even if the fabric care label tells you otherwise.
Even on the most delicate cycle a washing machine puts a lot of stress on fabric. And, since there isn’t much fabric on your average thongs to begin with, it doesn’t need any extra stress; especially when that stress shows up as rough fabric patches and reduced elasticity.
Here’s how to keep your thongs coming back for more:

Put some cold water into the sink and add a few drops of any commercial hand washing detergent. Don’t use regular laundry detergent, shampoo, a bar of soap, or dishwashing detergent! If you’re away from home and don’t have access to the right detergent, then use plain water alone. Hand washing detergent doesn’t produce suds so don’t waste any time waiting for the bubbles to appear.
Submerge your thongs in the water and let them soak for a while. Then swish them around for a few seconds while gently squeezing them underwater to force the water and detergent through the fabric’s pores. If you’ve got any scrubbing that needs to be done, do it gently. It’s better to soak away any evidence of “life’s little problems” then it is to wear away fabric layers and expose scratchy threads.
Gently squeeze the water through the material a few more times and then rinse the thongs in running cold water. Lay them flat on a towel and let them dry naturally. Don’t put your thongs in a clothes dryer even on the gentle setting. An hour in the clothes dryer to a pair of thongs is like a day in the desert for a Polar Bear! The heat will kill them.

If you absolutely must wash your thongs in a washing machine then use the cold water setting and the ultra-gentle cycle. My advice is to put your thongs into lingerie bag and toss the bag into the washing machine. If you think that washing machines love to eats socks, which are rather thick and meaty as fabrics go, just imagine how many pairs of thongs will get snatched up by a killer washing machine with a bad attitude!

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This article was posted on December 11, 2004