So, You Want to be a Work at Home Mom

So, You Want to be a Work at Home Mom

by: Caron Bush

But Where do you Start?
Right Here!!!!
#1 Plan
Before you sign up for anything, buy anything, do anything, you must plan. Ask yourself the important questions, like what do you want out of this and what are you passionate about.
#2 Prioritize
Many of us jump into things that we really can’t handle. Don’t get me wrong, we are all Super Mom!!! However, we need to know what is the most important to us, and how to fit all of the pieces together.
#3 Budget
Similar to time prioritizing, except with money. It is easy to spend all of your money at the beginning not thinking of this venture as long term. Or make the mistake of spending money you simply just don’t have. Let’s not forget why you are doing this. It is to make money, to contribute to your family, not to break to bank trying.
#4 Research
Before investing in something, whether it is time, money, or both, you must know what you are investing in. Flashy websites, big promises, and dollar signs can distract you away from the real issue at hand. You want an opportunity that fits your needs, not one that simply looks good.
In addition, in order to create an accurate budget you will need to know how much start up, promotion, and maintenance will cost. When researching an opportunity those are the three things you will want to find out.
There are basically two routes to go. You can either join a pre-existing opportunity, or if you have a completely new idea, start a new eBiz.
#5 Discuss
A confidant is a wonderful person to bounce off ideas. Share your priorities and plans with your friend/spouse. Allow them to be objective about whether the opportunity you have chosen fits with what you want. I recommend have two or three choices in mind.
#6 Sleep
Any good salesperson will tell you, that the biggest part of a sale is made based on the emotion evoked by the product and the environment surrounding it, not truly how good the product is. If the opportunity is as good today as it was yesterday, than you have probably found what you have been looking for.
Caron Bush

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This article was posted on August 25, 2005