Profile of the 21st Century Menopausal Woman

Profile of the 21st Century Menopausal Woman

by: Valerie Otto

Look her ageLook old
Care about her appearanceLook in the mirror every 5 minutes
Have a careerCare if her boss is 10 years younger
Pay attention to world affairsCorrelate world affairs to mean “winter pink” is the “new black”
Make sure she gets exerciseFeel compelled to participate in extreme sports
Eat wellObsess about a cookie
Go dancingGo dancing with another woman’s husband
Want to travel the worldHave to hitchhike to get there
Find time to herselfFeel selfish about it
Get hot flashesCare if she strips in public
Research her health care optionsBelieve she knows more than her doctor
Take herbal remediesBelieve they cure diseases
Read LabelsBelieve everything she reads
Offer her years of wisdomThink she knows it all
Care what company gets her dollarSpend too much money foolishly
Enjoy her wine and cocktailParty like she did at 28
Want to have sexPerform acrobatics
Like to hear how pretty she looksNeed to hear it all the time
Look forward to this time of lifeBelieve she’s past her prime
Reads these chartsTakes them with a grain of salt

About The Author

Valerie Otto has long been involved in issues of women’s health and well-being. Oöna her new venture offers an effective natural alternative to hormonal replacement therapy for women experiencing menopause. In 1995, she founded Becoming, Inc., a mail order fashion house that answers the specific needs of women who’ve undergone cancer treatment. Becoming, Inc. is now the largest mail order company of its kind in America

This article was posted on March 26, 2002