Why Ugg Boots are here to stay

Why Ugg Boots are here to stay

by: Shelley Costello

When ugg boots first hit the world by storm everyone was screaming how ugly they were.
Womens uggs have fast become one of the most fashionable items of footwear you could have in your closet.
Unlike many fashion trends however uggs are here to stay.
Top fashion/trend experts have predicted that although uggs are highly fashionable, they are not just a fashion craze that will pass over time.
Uggs have some major advantages that the unsuspecting wearer may not even be aware of and it is this that makes them so unique, versatile and quite simply wanted by women all over the world.
Originating from Australia they were soon introduced to the United States and the rest of the world.
World famous celebrities endorsed womens uggs, indeed Oprah Winfrey is a huge fan of the classic short ugg boots. With celebrities wearing them the rest of the world followed and ugg mania took hold.
Sales of womens uggs continue to be high and many stores regularly sell out of particular in vogue colours and styles.
Classic short ugg boots [pictured at the top of this page] have been the best selling style to date and the latest colour to hit the stores is purple.
Major ugg suppliers offer up to 8 different collections covering all height and style boots and slippers.
Most popular styles include classic, ultimate and essential each offering various height options.
Colours range from green, navy, orange, yellow, ruby and purple to white, black, sand and chestnut.
Fluffy uggs were launched a little later and have become popular being available in high fashion colours such as bright pink and baby blue.
Womens uggs are such a must have item because they are highly fashionable, unbelievably comfortable and have such exceptional advantages to them.

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This article was posted on September 10, 2005