Is A Natural Female Sexual Enhancer The Answer?

Is A Natural Female Sexual Enhancer The Answer?

by: Sherri Solomon

Almost all women experience loss of sexual desire at some point in their lives. Some women believe that sexual desire is shameful or inappropriate to discuss openly. Women who’ve been unassertive about their sexuality in the past may prefer to sacrifice their sex lives rather than become assertive now about what’s required to satisfy their sexual needs.
Denise seemed to have it all. A loving mother of two children and a partner in a law firm in Los Angeles, she had a very handsome and charming partner who was a successful entrepreneur. They jetted off for vacations to Italy and dined in the finest restaurants. But their relationship floundered in one intractable area. “After a while,” Denise says, “I just stopped wanting to have sex. I go months without doing it.”
It’s a subject that’s full of shame: low female sex drive. In a society saturated with sexual imagery, it seems strange that some people have no desire for sex. But it is a startlingly common problem. Millions of women suffer from a condition known as hypoactive sexual desire (HSD) or low sex drive.
Sexual Dysfunction?
One of the most predominant components of female sexual dysfunction is low libido. There is no generalized answer as to why someone is experiencing loss of sexual desire (low libido). Low libido can have a variety of causes, some psychological and others physical. If you have experienced loss of desire (low libido) for only a short time, it may just be a stage and could possibly take care of itself. Perhaps the leading cause of low libido is stress and fatigue. Most often, low libido in this circumstance is temporary and returns when the stressful period ends. Many times, when under extreme stress, low libido can be helped by getting the appropriate amount of rest. If the condition persists, the first line of defense may be making mental changes. Low libido can sometimes be helped by getting out of stressful or anxious situations. Changing certain aspects of your relationship may also alleviate the condition of low libido. Try to think about what the cause of low libido may be for you personally. It could be your partner, your environment, or a number of other factors. Stress compounds low libido and relationship issues as one partner is not able to devote an appropriate amount of energy to their partner.
Is Fematril The Next Female Viagra?
Recently several female sexual enhancers have come on the market to combat low female libido. The most promising of them all is Fematril. It is being called the “Female Viagra” because it has the ability to stimulate blood flow, circulation, and hormone activity. The end result is that women will experience a more enjoyable orgasm. Regular use can help women become more orgasmic. There are also now some female sexual enhancers that have been specifically designed to increase libido during the act itself. Many female sexual enhancers containing L-Arginine are getting very good responses in the market when used as a lubricant. L-Arginine is a non-essential amino acid which, through clinical testing, has been shown to increase libido and help in the area of female sexual dysfunction.
If you’re frustrated about your lack of sexual appetite, try to go easy on yourself. Everyone’s body is different. There is no “normal” level of sex drive. Your personal sense of normality is defined by how you feel about your sexuality and whether or not you’re happy with how you are expressing it. If you’re one of the lucky people who is perfectly comfortable with his or her sexuality, congratulate yourself. If you’re like the millions of others who feels they could use a little boost, explore the remedies we’ve suggested.

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Sherri Solomon has just completed her new book titled “Why Should Guys Have All Of The Fun?” It will be released in June 2005. She is a devoted wife and mother of three children and lives in San Diego, California.

This article was posted on April 10, 2005