Petite Clothing – Misconceptions

Petite Clothing – Misconceptions

by: Bowe Packer

One of the the many misconceptions about petite sizes is that you have to be some tiny little thing to qualify. It is almost a conspiracy if you think about it, just ask anyone in the department stores and you will find they aren’t purvey as to what clothing petite size actually represents or means. So, if the young lady at the clothing store doesn’t know then who does?
In truth the designation petite size refers to height, not girth: so, with that said, women under 5′ 4″ are considered petite, no matter if there size is 24 or 4. This obviously raises many questions when women are out searching for petite clothing.
For instance, although many shorter women’s main concern is about how womens petite size clothing is going to fit. Such things like pants that aren’t going to drag on the floor and shirts which the sleeves are the right length. Also, when trying to make the right selection from womens petite sizes there are issues of color and proportion that make this a daunting task.
Here are some words of wisdom: Don’t get frustrated or discouraged if clothing stores don’t offer the right style and flare of clothing petite size. This frustration will only lead you to the end of the road fast. Here is some encouragement though: clothing stores, both online and offline are quickly recognizing the gap and are working diligently to close it for all you petite size women. I know, you are saying it is about time!
These online speciality stores are filling your petite clothing needs, and fast.
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Some Vital Petite Size Clothing Tips:
When are your search, look for monochromatic or tonal dressing, small or sleek lines, smaller patterns that compliment your accessories. Petite clothing that fits and is stylish by itself is hard to find. So, follow theses tips to make it fun and even exciting to buy.
Remember your size when looking, the larger knit sweater seen on the latest runway, may not fall into your flattering category for your petite frame. Try putting different things together, maybe a lightweight sweater with a monochrome knit scarf or cap. Petite size clothes shopping can be fun and the petite size women can look stylish in her clothing.

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This article was posted on January 24, 2005