International Bikini Fashion Show – WOW! And the n

International Bikini Fashion Show – WOW! And the new KlickCommerce, bringing the bikinis to you.

by: Greg Richburg

If you like swimwear, could there have be a better place to be? Whether you like fashion shows or not, or whether you just appreciate looking for a sexy bikini, the 19th annual Ujena Bikini Jam in Cancun had all the sexy swimwear, bikinis, models and fun that anyone could take in.
Bikini modeling and photography is a passion of mine, and this event brought them together with awesome fashion and people from all over the world. Models and photographers alike got discovered, the new line of Swimwear was introduced, and the beaches were packed. It was truly a party.
Here’s the cool part. If you are a model or a photographer, you can enter the competition for a chance to become the Ujena Model of the year or Photographer of the year. There are qualifying events in various locations, and if you want more information about that, feel free to e-mail me. Oh yeah, there was also a talent show and a costume party to boot.
So 5 days in Cancun, around 80 competing models and photographers, photo shoots, judging, nightclubs, sexy bikinis, over $4000 in cash prizes, margaritas in the sun, need I say more?
How do I fit in to all this? Well I have a tough job. I have to look at bikinis all day. The new KlickCommerce system has been developed in order to provide the world with the most beautiful swim suits, bikinis, and beachwear available. I help bring these gorgeous catalogs to your computer screen. Next years event, the 20th annual Ujena Bikini Jam, is September 1-5, 2005 in Cabo San Lucas and I have been asked to be a judge. Are you kidding? I am there!
But that’s not all. KlickCommerce is planning to partake in this year’s event by sponsoring a model and sending her on the trip with paid competition entry, air fare, hotel accommodations and more. It is our goal to hold a “mini-Bikini Jam” in order to help create awareness and offer one select model a chance of a lifetime.

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This article was posted on January 26, 2005