Women’s Guide: Friends To Let Go!

Women’s Guide: Friends To Let Go!

by: Kenia Morales

Real friends are hard to find but once you find them they can bring so much joy in to your life. However, not everyone can be that special confidant. Just like other relationships it takes two parties to make it work and I am sure that you must know at least one person that instead of bringing light in to your being consumes your energy and time. Here are some people you should steer clear from:
Liar, Liar- Just like the Jim Carey movie where he played the part of a lawyer that was accustomed to lying on regular basis; well according to your friend her life is perfect. Her husband is the most romantic man in the World, her kids are the smartest, and she makes more money than any one you know. Oh! Did you hear she has a mansion but, rather live in an apartment. Yeah Right! You can stick around but all the lying gets annoying.
Racer – Have you tried taking a course, develop a new interest? Then, you find out you friend is also interested in the same area. At first you feel flattered and support her but, later you find out she’s opposing you by hinting how much better she is or talented than you. Little did you know you were competing against her! A little challenge can be motivating but people should be able to relax around their friends.
Copy Cathy – You and your friend are a perfect match have the same taste in clothes, food etc. but, you find out it is too much once she starts repeating your own word. I do not know many people that would like to have a clone.
Needy Nina – Sure friendship is all about being there for each other in times of need. However, if you can predict that your friend will need a favor from you AGAIN; then chances are she might be taking advantage of you. We all have our own problems and should take care of them accordingly. It may sound harsh but, true.
Flirty Flora – She has reputation of being the biggest flirt. In her mind she thinks she is too hot because of the attention she gets from the opposite sex. However, the reality is that men are responding to the sexy signals she sends. Could she be flirting with your man too?
Two Face Tina – I will never forget the day that I was in a social gathering where someone approached me and made a comment: The food is awful! Even though, there was some truth in that statement I refrained from criticizing the host (my friend). However, when the host joined us for conversation she told her without anybody asking her “The food was wonderful! Honestly her comment was not a big deal but, was it really necessary to be a hypocrite? This person’s behavior that day made me think twice about her character. I wonder to what extent she wears a mask.
Tormenting Terry- This person is nice to you one minute and the next is nasty. Has no boundary to what she says about you in your presence. Always has a cruel remark, do I have to tell you that this is not a friend at all. Her only purpose is to torment you and others around her in order to feel better about herself. Stay away from people like this and stand up for yourself if necessary.
Distant Dena – This is a friend that seems uninterested in spending time or communicating with you. She made had been a good friend before but, keep in mind that people change and grow apart. This is natural and you might just have to let go! Invest your time in developing new friendships.

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This article was posted on January 25, 2005