Star Sapphire Diffused, Information And Facts

Star Sapphire Diffused, Information And Facts


Diffused Star Sapphire, Is This A Real Sapphire?
This is a most commonly asked question relating to the diffused star sapphire. We will answer this question right away, before going into details of the diffusion process. The gemstone used to make a diffused star sapphire is a sapphire. The diffusion process is done on the surface of the sapphire gemstone and could extend to around a millimeter into the gemstone. The process is done to create the star effect on the gemstone and the gemstone is then called a diffused star sapphire.
The sapphire gemstone is extremely hard and measures 9 on the Moh’s scale of hardness. The hardness of the gemstone is not affected by the diffusion process and the gemstone therefore retains it’s originally physically properties.
A sapphire that has been made into a diffused star sapphire cannot be polished or recut for the second time. The reason is quite simple, the diffusion treatment is done only on the surface and extends into the gemstone for a very small depth. Polishing or recutting would take off this surface treatment and cannot therefore be done. There is good news though, most buyers never repolish or recut the gemstones that are set in jewelry. This is specially true of sapphires which are extremely hard and scratch resistant gemstones. Given this fact, the diffused star sapphire gemstone is a good and reasonably priced gemstone.
Diffused star sapphires can be had in fairly large sizes of 10x8mm oval, 12x10mm oval and even 14x12mm oval. They are always smooth cabachon cut gemstones without facets. Given the large sizes in which diffused star sappphires are available, these gemstones are used to make spectacular male rings in gold and sterling silver.
You can read a complete report on the diffused star sapphire gemstone and also see a very sturdy and big diffused star sapphire men’s ring at this link:

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