A Look At The Years of Celebrities Wearing Jewelry

A Look At The Years of Celebrities Wearing Jewelry

by: Sher Matsen

Summers far from over and there is still time to enjoy those gorgeous summer fashions. Here’s our top picks for “ Gotta Have It Summer Fashions “
Every woman should have some big clunky plastic bangles and bracelets in a multitude of colors. These aren’t just fun for the summer they add color and lift your mood during the winter months.
To go with those bangles don’t forget to add a couple of funky purses. Straw and leather bags are very popular this year as are colorful designer bags. No need to have to spend big bucks for Vuiton or Versace as there are plenty of mass produced bags that will do the job. Big isn’t only fashionable it’s very handy for those summer trips.
You can pack your water, sunglasses, sunscreen, and what ever else you need to drag along in the warmer months. Almost like a mini suitcase and for us women that’s important.
Don’t forget to pick up a few of the very fashionable halter tops that have hit the stores this season. Unlike the slinky halters of the 1970s these are full length tanks with the sexy halter top. Great for hiding those extra tummy roles.
They are available in a wide range of materials accented with rhinestones, laced, or an accent ethnic fabric. And at the end of the summer you don’t need to pack these away, just add a blouse or blazer overtop and your good late into the fall season.
The skirts this season are not only fashionable, they are comfortable and functional. Nicely fitted waste and thigh then flaring to a full body just above the knee. They are available in a variety of lengths from above the knee to ankle length.
This style works great for work and casual. You can easily move around, bend, and stretch without having to worry about it. The flare keeps you cool and is unrestricting. Also available in a variety of fabrics and perfect for the summer and fall season.
Shorts this season vary from short shorts to dress shorts. Depending on how fit your legs are will depend on what styles you can wear. Colors range from cool and refreshing white, to kaki, to vibrant fuchsia or turquoise. You pick!
This season leaves plenty of options for shoes from flip flops to wedges in a variety of heel heights. You can mix and match to your hearts content.
Rhinestones are very popular adornment on shoes this season. Even better the summer fashions can take you into late fall with no problem.
The wedge heal is not only fashionable, it’s very comfortable. It’s great to see it make a comeback from the late 70s. This is a shoe that is very flexible.
Don’t forget to add pair of sunglasses, in fact add a few so you’ve got a pair to cover every mood. Fun, sexy, sophisticated? Your sunglasses can say plenty. If you wear glasses you can either get prescription sunglasses or clip ons to keep your eyes protected.
Remember summer is a fun time. It’s the season that allows us to lighten up our wardrobe and enjoy what summer has to offer. Every wardrobe this summer has gotta have it summer fashions!

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This article was posted on August 18, 2005