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Image creating

Creating the image of a wedding, it is not necessary to resort to radical experiments – if in daily life you humble and sweet girl, the image of the vamp will look, at least, inappropriate. Together with the groom decide what version of wedding you will make one more suitable for classical or country, other Greek or Eastern style. Someone will like retro (vintage), Chebbi-chic or Provence, and someone decides to plunge into the adventure and to organize a gangster or a pirate wedding. Focusing on the selected style, you will be able to create a decent image.



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Wedding dress

The main attribute of the bride, of course, is the wedding dress. Dress you will need to purchase in the first place, and to him you will find all the other accessories (dress should combine style, comfort and beauty). The outfit can be purchased on the hands or in the salon, and can be enjoyed in the Studio. It is important to consider the features of the body – all defects must be hidden, and dignity – are underlined. How to choose a dress size, please click here. If you select a country, then your dress will decorate flowers and fringe, place wedding veils will take playful veiled hat or cowboy hat, instead of the model of shoes you wear ankle boots or boots. The classic image involves a combination of white dresses, veils, dress shoes, gloves...
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