Category Planning

Guest list

The guest list allows you to manage all your contacts in one place. Each guest you can assign arbitrary marks (tags), thus creating, convenient categories of guests. For example, “a friend of the bride“, “the friend of the bridegroom“, “up, etc. Also you can conveniently noted, one of the guests you have invited, who will be able to come, undecided or will not come. And simple filters will always help you easily find desired features in the list.
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Bride stuff

Wedding is an important event during which one cannot forget. The bride, in order to avoid any unpleasant situation, you need to insure and to bring a number of important things. And wear all required need not the bride, because her hands will be a beautiful wedding bouquet, and her friend-the witness. So on the wedding day not to worry about it ahead of time to make a list of items that need to be put in her purse bridesmaids.
Of course, to take the whole bag is not necessary. To improve the makeup of the bride need can only face powder, lipstick or lip gloss, maybe mascara and eyeliner, as well as a small mirror. It is also good to take a wedding perfume to periodically refresh the fragrance. To save space in the bag, you can take the probe spirits.
Necessary medicines
You do ...
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