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Types of Russian Marriage Agencies

Types of Russian Marriage Agencies

by: Annas Agency®

There are many different kinds of marriage agencies offering services in the market. By understanding the workings of each agency, customers will be in a better position to understand the options available to them. In segmenting the market providers, the following critieria was used (the following criteria was considered most critical after conducting a survey of 500 men):

Customer Focus
Reliability of Services
Scale (global vs. western vs. regional vs. local)

The segmentation achieved is as follows:

Tier One (Professionally managed, registered and licenced, global reach with affiliations with major western organisations)
Tier Two (Semi-professionally managed, registered and licenced, predominantly western focused, affil...

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Wedding design

Wedding design was designed in a light garden theme, with a predominance of delicate shades of pink, peach and blue colors. Style celebration stressed tablecloths with floral ornament, Vienna chairs and worn wooden surface, used in the decoration.

A logical continuation of garden aesthetics steel fruit composition of peaches, apricots and cherries. Dispensers with a refreshing lemonade, jam apricot, berry desserts, bags with cherries for all guests as a compliment – all this helped to create a unique atmosphere of a country holiday in the open air, despite the fact that the celebration took place in Moscow.

Bridesmaids were happy to support established dress code and wore the same dress blue, and the resulting images complemented the floral wreaths.

Great fun was the photo zone with the na...

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Candles, chandeliers, crystal…

Candles, chandeliers, crystal and rose Yves piaget (Yves Piaget) supported ceremony and family celebrations. Menu from the chef of the restaurant Pierre Gagnaire, holder of three Michelin stars, has become a highlight and a pleasant surprise for guests. Due to the small number of guests (a total of 30 people) wedding turned out a family touching, but not boring. Family honeymoon consist of very creative and talented people who love, and more importantly, know how to sing. They proved, performing almost the entire repertoire of French celebrities from Zaz to Mireille Mathieu under a brilliant accompaniment virtuoso pianist. Before family celebrations, the couple managed to arrange a photo shoot...
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