Just Do It

Just Do It

by: Yolanda Shoshana

In our society people can name a hundred reasons or shall I say “excuses” why they should not do something that they dream of doing, while finding one good reason is hard to find. We have become a culture full of dreamers, “one day I am going to…” We have become scared of taking a risk for fear of failure and continue to wait for the right time to pursue our goals.
What are you waiting for? There will never be anyone who gives you permission to go for what you want. It is up to you to begin to seize the day. The right time is NOW. Get rid of the “should haves” and “could haves” There is no reason why someone else is living out your dream except for the fact that they decided to take action. Just Do It!
Intention: To day I will take steps to “doing” actions that lead me closer to my dreams becoming my reality.

About The Author

Yolanda Shoshana, “The Woman Booster”, is a life strategist for women and artist. She founded Shekhinah Arts a life strategist coaching company to advocate, educate, inspire, and motivate women. To get on the Shekhinah Arts ezine list for, Quick Bites: Inspiration and Motivation for a Woman on the Go and Femme Fatale, email her at shoshi@shekhinaharts.com.


This article was posted on March 29, 2004