Mama’s Dilemma: It’s Girls-Night-Out and You’re Ad

Mama’s Dilemma: It’s Girls-Night-Out and You’re Addicted to Sweats

by: Sandra Mahoney

As usual you’ve got minutes to get ready before heading out the door. You throw back a sip of coffee, brush your teeth, and:

Wrestle into a sweatshirt to match your flannel pajama bottoms;
Fasten yourself into paint spattered sweatpants and a baggy t-shirt; or
Slide into your ‘I hope nobody I know sees me in these’ jeans and ‘should have been thrown out already’ sweatshirt.

If any of the above answers sounded like you Mama, it’s a fact; having children put your fashion sense on the back burner. Most moms are more concerned with how their children look than themselves. If your day to day wardrobe consist of wearing sweat clothes at home, to the school, to the store, out to eat with friends and to bed (not exactly the wardrobe of a sex kitten). You’re addicted to sweats.
Feeding your addiction to baggy sweats has left your fashion sense starving and unwittingly labeled you as ‘the mom who’s always in sweats’. However, the easiest part about weaning yourself off of sweats is realizing that your entire wardrobe does not need to be replaced, just revamped. You can still enjoy an occasional piece in moderation and more importantly as stylish accessories.
Mama’s Fix: Bright Tops, Jeans and Don’t Forget the Lip-Gloss
If comfortable clothing is in order, than wear it but draw from today’s trends in casual and flattering fashion. Instead of your traditional sweats that scream baggy and blah select a comfortable sweatshirt and wear it with sexy jeans and trendy accessories. Or reverse the look and select a brightly colored, fitted shirt with less baggy sweat or track pants.
Create your new comfortable style with ONE comfy-casual piece at a time. For starters, try a preppy Lacoste polo shirt or create your own personalized t-shirts online, a hoodie with matching stretch lace camisole, jeans or cotton blend bootcut pants and matching jewelry. It’s relaxed but chic, NOT sloppy sweats. Now slap on some lip gloss and let your hair down. It’s Girls-Night-Out and you look like a million dollars.

About The Author

Sandra Mahoney is mother of 3 and co-founder of a website devoted to helping mothers rediscover pasttimes that brought them joy B.C. (before children). For a free monthly Mamazine filled with tips, articles and special offerings for moms who crave “me-time” go to

This article was posted on March 05, 2005